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Here at cocoandsilk we believe that fashion is every woman's right and this is why we've worked hard to make it happen. The idea was to create long-lasting apparel using the best quality fabrics while paying attention to detail. Our clothes are produced by small, independent production units made up mainly of women which means that we are able to create strong bonds with our partners, keep track of every single garment sewn while at the same time keeping our creations to limited numbers.
At cocoandsilk we're not interested in mass production. Our aim is to produce top-quality clothing in small quantities, bringing to our customers the joy of luxury to everyday dressing and at the best possible price. Why? Because we're tired of ‘fast- fashion'. We want our clothes to last from one season to another and we're here to help you put together a new, long-lasting and original wardrobe.
Our vision is to create clothes that are tailor made to adapt to each woman's body individually! For the moment this is only available for our customers in Greece but we believe that very soon we'll be able to provide this service for our customers abroad too.
Cocoandsilk is here to listen to your needs and help you create your own elegant and unique style, so please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.